Dominican Republic: FIART 2010

The 2nd International Fine Arts Fair (FIART 2010) will take place at the Palace of Fine Arts from August 31 to September 5, 2010. This year the event will honor Panamanian Carlos Cruz Diez and Dominican Guillo Pérez. The curator is Abil Peralta.

The final list of participating artists is not yet available on-line but, according to FIART director Sandra Familia, Dominican artist Marcos Lora Read and Cuban-American artist Juan Carlos Quintana will present a solo shows on the first floor of the exhibition hall.  Cuban artist and curator Alejandro Mendoza will present “Giants in the City” in another space dedicated to large sculptures.

Photo and biography of Guillo Pérez from

For more information on Juan Carlos Quintana, see

For more information on Alejandro Mendoza, see and

For more information on Marcos Lora Read, see

For more information on Carlos Cruz Diez, see

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