Art Exhibition: A Look at Félix González-Torres Artistic Production in Puerto Rico

As part of their “Taller Vivo” [Live Workshop], the Museum of Contemporary Art [Museo de Art Contemporáneo (MAC)] presents the exhibition “Intervenciones/Convergencias: Una mirada a la producción de Félix González-Torres en Puerto Rico” [Interventions/Convergences: A Look at the Production of Félix González-Torres in Puerto Rico], with the participation of artists Isabel Ramírez Pagán and Rafael Vargas Bernat. The curator for this exhibition is Vanessa Hernández Gracia. This posthumous exhibition will open on August 19, 2010, at 7:00pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Nuevas Tendencias Room. The Museum is located at the Rafael M. de Labra Historical Building at the corner of Juan Ponce de León and Roberto H. Todd avenues (Stop 18) in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Félix González-Torres was born in Cuba on November 26, 1957. Having left Cuba as a teenager, he grew up in Puerto Rico. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico and the International Center of Photography in New York. Devoted to teaching, he served as a visiting artist at a number of universities, including our neighboring Bard College. Following his first solo exhibition at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in 1990, Gonzalez-Torres’s career ascended quickly and he became one of the rising stars of the art world. He died of AIDS on January 9, 1996, in Miami Beach.

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Photo of González-Torres’ “Untitled (Perfect Lovers)” from

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