Roberto Chile Prepares Documentary on Korda

Cuban producer/director Roberto Chile is preparing a documentary about photographer Alberto Díaz, best known as Korda, based on an unpublished interview and photos taken by the author of the emblematic image of Ernesto Guevara [also see Row rages over iconic image of Che Guevara, Alberto Korda’s Che and Fidel photos for sale, and A look at Che Guevara through the lens of his iconic image]. Alberto Díaz died in Paris in 2001; during his long career he received numerous awards for his work in Cuba and abroad.

The short film (15-18 minutes) is based on a talk Chile held with Korda that it was never published before and remained in his personal files. According to an article by Radio Baragua, in the interview, the photographer revealed details of how he met Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara as well as the importance of these two figures of the Cuban revolutionary struggle. Korda’s daughter and executor of her father’s works, Diana Díaz, is helping the director with the documentation. Chile says that the film aims to reveal information about this respected figure of Cuban culture and to pay tribute to his stature as creator of all time. The two working titles for the work so far are Korda x Korda or Sencillamente Korda. This documentary is the first of a series of five works dedicated to photographers of the revolutionary epic.

Chile is also the director of the documentaries Fidel: Elogio a la Virtud (2007) and Oda a la Revolución (2009), a poetic and musical tribute to the Cuban Revolution and five decades of Cuban history.

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