Fern Hunting Among These Picturesque Mountains: Frederic Edwin Church in Jamaica

In 1865, American Hudson River painter Frederic Church, an avid traveler with a special passion for the tropics, journeyed to Jamaica. This was unlike his previous expeditions, as he and his wife, Isabel, were escaping from intense personal grief: the loss of their two young children. Throwing himself into the exploration and documentation of the island, the renowned artist produced a variety of works ranging from delicate pen sketches of palm trees to oil sketches of the atmospheric Blue Mountains and brilliant sunsets. The importance of the trip is reflected in the number of studies Church chose to mount, frame, and display at Olana, the home he built by the Hudson River, which became a major attraction for visitors to his home. The best of the related sketches and paintings from Jamaica are no on exhibit at Olana. The location is a bit remote, but manageable if you are visiting New York City.

For more information about the exhibit go to http://www.olana.org/index.php

Image: Frederic Church’s The Vale of St. Thomas, Jamaica.

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