2010 Caribbean Philosophical Association Conference Panels Go Live via University of Cartagena

A message from Caribbean Philosophical Association President Nelson Maldonado-Torres tells us that the University of Cartagena, Colombia, will broadcast a number of panels (in Spanish and English) of the Association’s upcoming conference live through its Web TV channel. Some sessions will be live, and others will be taped for later release through web radio. [See previous post Shifting the Geography of Reason: Music, Rhythm, and Movement (CFP).]

Maldonado-Torres writes: “We are happy that those of you among the over five hundred scholars and friends of the CPA on this list who cannot make it to the meeting have an opportunity to follow the event in this way. [. . .] We believe that this is yet another opportunity to ‘shift the geography of reason’ by allowing us to pursue reflections that aim to further that project in a way that is open to everyone with access to internet (at home, school, a public library, a cafe, or elsewhere) in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the United States, and the rest of the globe.” He also explains that most of the sections that will be broadcast live will be in Spanish, but the association will offer translation in some for the main sessions.

You can find the links to the University of Cartagena TV and radio stations through its website http://www.unicartagena.edu.co/. Look for signs on the right hand side of the screen: U de C television, and U de C radio. [There is no live TV right now, but there will be when the conference begins next week. You should be able to listen to the radio now.]

The direct link to the radio station is: http://udcradio.unicartagena.edu.co/

The direct link to the live TV site is: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/udc-canal

For the latest version of the conference program and more information about the live sessions, see the CPA page (which will be updated as the conference draws close): http://www.caribbeanphilosophicalassociation.org/

Photo of the University of Cartagena from http://www.unicartagena.edu.co/galeria.htm

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