Habana Eva wins top honors in Latino Film Festival in New York

Habana Eva, a film by Venezuelan director Fina Torres, won the award for best international film at the Latino Film Festival in New York City this past week. The award reaffirms Torres’ place as her nation’s top director and recognizes the high quality of her work, which had been previously displayed in films like Oriana, Woman on Top, and Mecánicas celestes.

The award, which was accepted by the film’s protagonist, Prakriti Maduro, as the film was being screened for the first time in Venezuela,  is seen as recognition of the achievements of the Venezuelan budding film industry. More tan 100 local and international productions (between full-lenght fims, shorts and documentaries, were screened during this year’s 11th NYLFF, which ran for five days and included discussion panels and special events. The film was in competition against movies like “The Dry Land,” directed by Ryan Piers-Williams, Juan Delacer’s “Trópico de sangre” (a film starring Michelle Rodríguez and César Evora that tells the story of the Mirabal sisters, assassinated furong Rafael Trujillo’s dictatorship), and “Regresa” by Mexican director Alejandro González Padilla. 

For more (in Spanish) go to http://www.analitica.com/va/arte/actualidad/9703838.asp

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