Calle 13’s provoking new video “Calma pueblo”

The new video by the Puerto Rican rap duo Calle 13 includes nudity and a rampant anticlerical message that is rattling a few cages. The video was loaded onto YouTube and the band’s website ( last Thursday and led to a collapse of the band’s site as close to  half a million people tried to download it simultaneously. TheYouTube site has censored the materials and you need to sign in to be allowed to view it.

The lyrics speak of “the biggest mafia of all living in the Vatican” and of the power of the capitalist system. “I don’t think it will be televised, perhaps only by the most open-minded channels,” twittered “Residente, who first appears on the video dressed as a nun and who added that he was very proud of the video having been made in Puerto Rico. “I never thought we would be able to film a video there in which people run through the streets naked.”

The single was issued yesterday.

According to Sony Music, “Calma pueblo” will be part of the duo’s 4th álbum, Detonación C-13,” to be issued in October. The song can be downloaded for free from the group’s website.

For more, in Spanish, go to

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