Culmination of Grenada’s 2010 Spice Mas

The Grenada Spice Mas, which began in July, is in full swing. People are gearing up for the culminating events this month, from August 5 through 10 at various venues celebrating its 29th edition. [Also see previous posts 2010 Grenada Spice Mas Celebrations and Carnival: Grenada’s Spice Mas.]

Among these events are the Carnival Queen Show (August 5), the Soca Monarch finals (August 6), Pantastic Saturday (August 7), and Dimanche Gras (August 8). Soca competitors slated for August 6 include Luni Spark and Electrify, Zingo, Randy Isaac, Inspector, Maximillion, Otis, Lavaman, Brother B, Boogie B, D. Hammer, Sheldon Douglas, Mr. West, and Yaga.

August 9 is a long day, starting at pre-dawn with Jouvert (or J’Ouvert)—when jab-jab or Devil Mas bands parade through the town; then the Pageant; and later that evening is Monday Night Mas—where revelers dress as traditional Mas characters such as Short Knees, Vekou, and Wild Indians, among others. The final attraction, the famed Parade of the Bands, will take place on August 10.

See review (and photos) at–Carnival-Tuesday-Review/Page1.html

For schedule of events, see

For more information, see

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