Mighty Gabby Becomes Calypso Monarch (Again) at Barbados Crop-Over

Mighty Gabby (Anthony Carter) performed “Haiti” and “Ole Ashe” to win as monarch in this year’s Crop-Over, with Adrian Clarke placing second.

The lyrically strong “Haiti” was about the struggles and resilience of the Haitian nation. “Ole Ashe” was the most melodic song of the night. It paid homage to calypso and some of the historical rhythms of the Caribbean, carrying a marked Latin beat without losing the main calypso tempo.

Adrian Clarke also performed interesting songs with infectious melodies. “Crowd Response” was about how the crowd helps artists and sometimes influences judges with their positive response. “No Plastic Bag Day” was a “green song” calling for less plastic bags in the environment, with the smallest hint of a reference to opposing fellow calypsonian Red Plastic Bag, who came in third place after performing “Signs” and “La La.” [Also see previous post Bardados’ Crop-Over: Red Plastic Bag and Mighty Gabby Compete for Monarch Award.]

For full articles, see http://www.barbadoscropoverfestival.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=382:gabby-wins-banks-lime-pic-o-de-crop&catid=46:pic-o-de-crop&Itemid=109 and http://www.nationnews.com/articles/view/right-on-with-gabby/

2 thoughts on “Mighty Gabby Becomes Calypso Monarch (Again) at Barbados Crop-Over

  1. While the written information given here is suficient, one should have been able to listen (with a click of a button) to atleast Gabby’s winning songs.

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