Sailing Winners: 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games

In the 2010 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games, Puerto Rico and Mexico dominated the sailing events—including Snipes, lasers, wind-surfing, and Hobie Cat 16s—which were held in Boquerón Bay in my hometown, Cabo Rojo! Puerto Rico secured numerous gold and bronze medals. Enrique “Quique” Figueroa won in the Hobie category, while Victor “Tito” Aponte, Raúl Ríos, and Gabriel Ramos team won in the Snipe and J-24 categories, obtaining gold medals in 9 regattas, followed by Mexico’s Jorge and Alejandro Muriet, who won silver, and Puerto Rico’s Marco Teixidor and Ricardo Látimer with bronze.

The Mexican gold winners were Tania Elías (laser) and David Mier and Dermita Vega in male and female windsurfing, respectively. Jamaica’s Beverley Gomez also created history by capturing Jamaica’s first sailing medal at the CAC games securing a bronze in the women’s wind surf, after Mexico’s Demita Vega and María Campos.

Venezuela also had quite a few sailing wins with Daniela Rivera, who won a silver medal in Laser category; Daniel Flores, with a silver medal in men’s windsurfing; and Eduardo Cordero and Hugolino Colmenares, who won gold and silver, respectively, in the men’s Sunfish category.

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