Winners of the 2010 Nicolás Guillén and Frantz Fanon Awards

Caribbean Philosophical Association President Nelson Maldonado-Torres has just announced the 2010 winners of the Nicolás Guillén and Frantz Fanon Awards, which are given annually “to literary works and authors (the Guillén prize) as well as academic books (the Fanon prize) that significantly contribute to Caribbean thought, South to South dialogue, and to ‘shifting the geography of reason.’”

After careful consideration, Lewis Gordon (Chairperson of the Frantz Fanon prize, and Acting Chairperson of the Nicolás Guillén prize) and the members of the selection committee have chosen Gabriel García Márquez—for the 2010 Nicolas Guillén Award for Philosophical Literature—and Bernard Boxill— for the Frantz Fanon Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Frantz Fanon Book Award goes to Oscar Guardiola-Rivera’s What If Latin America Ruled the World?: How the Second World Will Take the First into the 22nd Century (London: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC; Export Edition edition, 2007; paperback to be released in September) and Ángel Quintero’s Cuerpo y cultura: las musicas “mulatas” y la subversion del baile (Iberoamericana / Vervuert 2009.)

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