Humberto Solás’ “Barrio Cuba” at the Bildner Center

As part of their Cuban Film Series, the Bildner Center/Cuba Project invites the public to the screening of Humberto Solás’ Barrio Cuba (2005). Professor Jerry Carlson (The City College and CUNY Graduate Center), curator for the Cuban Film Series, will be presenting the films. The film will be presented on August 18, 2010, at 6:00pm, at the Segal Theater, The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue (@34th Street).

Synopsis: Filmmaker Humberto Solás weaves together three stories of people struggling to find love and security on the margins of life in Havana in this poignant comedy-drama. Magalis (Luisa María Jiménez) is a nurse who has become the target of repeated romantic advances from Ignacio (Mario Limonta), a man many years her senior. Elsewhere, El Chino (Jorge Perugorría) is a truck driver that has fallen in love with Vivian (Isabel Santos), who works in a drugstore. And finally, María (Ana Domínguez) has been quarreling with her husband Santo (Rafael Lahera) and leaves him. Eventually, María reconsiders and comes home, to the joy and relief of Santo and his mother Amparo (Adela Legrá). However, the fates have decided that any happiness experienced by these couples will be short lived.

In a 2008 review, Alfonso Quiñones (Diario Libre) calls the film “one of the bravest films made about Cuban reality.”

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