New Voices of Nueva Trova: Yaíma Orozco and Irina González

Michel Hernández (Granma) recently featured young, up and coming Cuban musicians Yaíma Orozco and Irina González and their latest concert at Casa de las Américas. Through the musical project La Trovuntivitis, the performers, both from Santa Clara, Cuba, represent the younger generation of singer/songwriters of Cuba’s nueva trova school. Hernández considers them to be “a breath of fresh air” on the Cuban musical scene.

Yaíma Orozco, a graduate in music education and winner of the Sindo Garay Scholarship of the Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center, says Hernández, sang with great passion and captivated the audience with the vitality of her stage presence and “the power of guitar and word.” In the meantime, Irina González, “enveloped by a suggestive mantle of introversion, lucidly deciphered the mysteries of the guitar and piano” learned through her years as a student of musical composition at the Instituto Superior de Arte.

Clearly moved, Hernández explains that the duo chose the best from their repertoire and to sing about their emotions, joys, hopes, love and affection, and nostalgia, with a lyrical purity that conquered “the city on behalf of beauty and poetry.” Their songs were immersed in “the moist freshness of youth and gave testimony of the renewed ability to live and feel the music that co-exists in the foundations” of their musical universe. The pair chose songs of their own inspiration, for example, “El río de tu amor” [The River of Your Love], “Despedida” [Good-bye], “Llegarás” [You Will Arrive],  “Donde nunca volverán” [Where They Will Never Return], and an accomplished version of “Poema 41,” by Spanish poet Miguel Hernández, moving through a varied array of rhythms including bolero, guajira, jazz, and bossa nova.

In conclusion, Hernández finds these young women gifted with a creative projection “that keeps alive the history of island songwriters.”

For full article (in Spanish), see

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