Hundreds of People Protest Police Brutality in Puerto Rico

Several hundred people demonstrated Sunday in the streets of San Juan to protest police brutality and the policies of the government of Luis Fortuño. The “Stop the repression and the violation of human rights” march was called by different sectors of the island’s civil society to reject the incidents of June 30 in front of the capitol, the seat of Puerto Rico’s legislature.
The demonstrators said that the police acted at that time with disproportionate force and – according to their interpretation – violently dispersed a group of students and union members who were trying to enter the capitol. That group of protesters had intended to read a manifesto against Fortuño’s policies, but the effort was prevented by police, who fired tear gas to break up the crowd.
The incident resulted in two arrests and about a dozen people with light injuries – bruising and the like – but the press, the opposition and representatives of social groups complained of brutality by the security forces. The organizations backing Sunday’s march said that the demonstration was intended to condemn violations of civil rights and the policies of the Fortuño government in general.

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