French government to honor Calypso Rose

In 2010, Calypso Queen, icon, Ambassadress of Trinidad and Tobago, Calypso Rose, celebrates a double landmark:  55 years singing Calypso and her 70th birthday. To honor her and celebrate with the Queen of Calypso, Riddums Productions and Maturity Music have come together to produce a series of events in Trinidad, Tobago, London, France, New York and Canada, Trinidad’s Newsday reports.

To mark the occasion, a full-length documentary on Calypso rose, entitled Rose, Calypso Diva, will premiere at the Canned Film Festival, where a concert by Calypso Rose has been scheduled in partnership with Cultures France, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ACP Secretariat (European Community), Radio France International, and Trace TV.
 The film is a Franco–Trinidadian production by Paris-based African director Pascale Obolo. It was shot in several locations, including Tobago (her birth place), New York (where she now lives), Paris (where she recorded her latest album with a young trendy crossover producer), and in Benin, Africa (a return to her roots). The film will be screened at her anniversary concert celebration in Trinidad in December 10, 2010, at the National Academy of Performing Arts.
For more on her new album, Calypso Rose, and on her upcoming tour, go to her website at

2 thoughts on “French government to honor Calypso Rose

  1. “African” director?? what about his/her country of origin??. Important to state “from the African CONTINENT”.

    Txs for listening, you are doing a great job.

    Alanna Lockward

    1. She is from Cameroon: “Moi l’Africaine née au Cameroun, j’ai découvert Trinidad à travers son carnaval. Cette île des Caraïbes me faisait profondément penser à l’Afrique.” [I, African born in Cameroon, discovered Trinidad through its carnival. This island in the Caribbean made me think deeply of Africa.] (Quote from
      Luckily, the director does not share the same anxiety about the label “African” or feel the need to remind people that Africa is a continent. But many thanks for requesting additional information and for the positive feedback! IR

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