Call for Submissions: Caribbean Mothering

Simone A. James Alexander and Dorsía Smith Silva are seeking submissions for an edited collection on Caribbean Mothering (to be published in Fall 2012).

This anthology will examine the diverse and complex experiences of motherhood and mothering from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective. The organizers welcome submissions that explore major cultural, political, historical, and economic factors that influence the lives of Caribbean mothers, such as migration and transnationalism. Also encouraged are writings that represent the relationships between Caribbean mothers and their children; perspectives of single Caribbean mothers; relationships of extended motherhood in Caribbean communities; and colonial, post-colonial, and modern representations of Caribbean motherhood from literary, historical, biological, sociological, political, socioeconomic, ethnic, and media perspectives. This incorporation of a variety of disciplines and methodologies will give insight to the issues on mothering within the Caribbean context and provide a space that recognizes the significance of Caribbean mothering. The aim of this volume is to foster work on mothering that integrates the disciplines of feminist ideologies, literary criticism, and cultural analysis as well as represent the diversity of the Caribbean islands and the Caribbean Diaspora.

Topics can include (but are not limited to) gender, transgender, cultural, family, communication, and Diasporic studies; sociology; Caribbean Studies; Postcolonial Studies; feminist theories; personal and reflective essays; ethnographies; mothering done by nannies, siblings, aunts, grandparents, co-parents, fathers, non-biological parents, step-mothering; surrogate mothering; literary representation; mother activists and activism; constructions of identity; queer mothering; childcare; Caribbean/mothering in global and transnational contexts—i.e. migration, diaspora, citizenship, national identity, embodiment theories; feminist philosophies of mothers and mothering; film and media representations; mothering issues, especially as related to gender, family, economics, sexuality, race, nation, employment, community, education, law, activism, and politics and public policy; ideological and social debates and tensions; mothering critiques; health, health care, reproduction/reproductive rights; the role of web communities and technology; spiritual, cultural, emotional, communal, or social influences; support services and institutions for Caribbean mothers; ideologies in Caribbean communities.

Papers of 4000-5000 words (15-20 pages, including notes and sources, MLA style), accompanied by a 50-word biography, will be due by September 15, 2010.

Please send the documents or queries to Dorsía Smith Silva and Simone A. James Alexander at

For photo and PAHO article, “Mothers and Children: Make them Count,” see

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