New Album: Intwine’s The Acoustic Rumshop Sessions Vol. I

Intwine’s new CD The Acoustic Rumshop Sessions Vol. I (June 2010) was named after their regular shows where they combine heavy metal elements with reggae, bolero, soca, cumbia, and zouk, among other Caribbean sounds.

Intwine is a Dutch Caribbean rock band formed in 2001 by five students of the Tilburg Rock Academy. As of 2010, the band consists of Roger Peterson (vocals), Jacob Streefkerk (guitar), Jon Symons (guitar) and Eric Spring in’t Veld (drums). The band gained national attention in the Netherlands after Peterson’s participation in Idols, the Dutch version of Pop Idol and charted the Dutch Top 40 with the songs “Happy?” and “Cruel Man.” Intwine’s musical style combines rock with reggae, hip-hop, and Latin jazz. The group has shifted throughout from pop rock (e.g. their 2003 debut album Intwine and the 2004 Perfect) to a harder rock sound on the albums Pyrrhic Victory (2006) and Kingdom of Contradiction (2009).

To listen to Aruban lead singer Roger Peterson speak about Intwine’s musical growth and the changes of recent years on the islands (“It’s all too fast in Aruba , too many changes in such a short time. . .”), see

For the band’s official site, see

See Intwine performing “Perfect” here

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