Jamaica’s Dustin Brown Dreams of Davis Cup

Jamaica’s number one tennis player, Dustin Brown, wants to play Davis Cup tennis for Great Britain. Brown’s ambitions to play for that country will depend on his ability to establish the existence of an English grandmother to obtain a UK passport and two years of continuous residency.

Ranked 105 in the world, Brown beat world No. 9 Fernando Verdasco in three sets in the pre-Wimbledon Boodles Challenge at Stoke Park, losing in the final to Gaël Monfils. As the Voice reports, the first West Indian to play at Wimbledon (since Richard Russell 42 years ago), the 25-year-old Brown was beaten in four sets by the 16th seed, the Austrian Jürgen Melzer, in the first round at Wimbledon last week.

After his first major breakthrough, winning the Soweto Open in April last year, Brown said. “I am the no.1 [tennis player] in my country, probably the best player Jamaica ever had, but I have no support from the tennis federation in my country, which is kind of sad.”

Although he has not yet contacted GB Davis Cup captain Leon Smith, he explains that he will look into it as soon as he can verify the British line of his family tree, “The British connection is on my father’s side of the family; it’s my grandmother–although I’m not that sure where she was from. We’re still checking into it. But it’s a real possibility.”

For full article, see http://www.voice-online.co.uk/content.php?show=17798

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