Jamaica’s Bramma Nominated for Best Reggae Song in the Underground Music Awards in Bermuda

In Bermuda, Jamaican singer Bramma has been nominated for Best Reggae Song in the UMA (Underground Music Awards), hosted by Tha Underground. Bramma, who writes his own lyrics and whose real name is Lloyd Horace Brammer (also known as Bramma “De Bomma”) has been hailed as one of Jamaica’s new dancehall/reggae sensations.

Bramma has been acclaimed for his work ethic, sharing, and commitment, as well as his positive relationships with radio DJs throughout the United States and Europe. In November 2009 Bramma left the island to go on tour in Europe where he performed at over 8 events. This trip earned him a feature article in Riddim Magazine in Germany and a CD mix distributed across England.  

Bramma was introduced to Tha Underground by his collaboration with Bermudan artist Slanger. The nominated song—“World Gone Mad”—was well received on its release in the local market and almost immediately went into rotation on Power 95 (www.power95.bm).

Tha Underground first started out as a general website designed to allow local artistes in Bermuda to submit and promote their musical works and talents. The demand from the website prompted the members of Tha Underground organization to create and host Bermuda’s first Music Awards Show in November 2005 in recognition of the artists’ contribution to the local music industry.

For more information, see http://www.baiganchoka.com/blog/bramma-nominated-for-best-reggae-song-in-the-uma-underground-music-awards-in-bermuda/

For more information on Bramma, see http://www.yardflex.com/archives/001353.html

For more information on Slanger, see http://www.myspace.com/slang2009

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