Casa Rosada: Curaçao’s First Gay Cultural Center

Curaçao’s first gay cultural center, Casa Rosada, has just opened in Otrabanda. Activities hosted at Casa Rosada aim to raise consciousness and fight taboos on homosexuality in society. Sponsored by Foko (Fundashon Orguyo Korsou), the center will provide educational programs and information on the gay movement on Curaçao.

At the opening, where visitors were given glasses of pink champagne, Thirza Stewart said, ” I notice that it is difficult to be open about my sexual orientation. In Curaçao, it is very difficult, because there can be consequences.” She explained that homosexuals experience difficulties not only in the family circle, but also in the work place. She cites examples of people who have not gotten a job because they are homosexual. Mario Kleinmoedig, President of Foko, agrees that there are more obstacles and social pressure placed on homosexual relationships. Kleinmoedig would like to train people dealing with gay people and to work with homosexuals’ self-esteem.” For a start, Casa Rosada is pleased to offer a safe environment.

For more information (in Dutch, and photo of Mario Kleinmoedig), see

2 thoughts on “Casa Rosada: Curaçao’s First Gay Cultural Center

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