Police, protesters clash at Puerto Rico’s Capitol

The Associated Press has filed this brief report on the disturbances at Puerto Rico’s Capitol yesterday.

A protest at Puerto Rico’s Capitol has turned violent with police using pepper spray and wielding their batons in clashes with demonstrators.

The violence broke out when protesters including some local university students attempted to enter the legislature Wednesday afternoon. Authorities had closed access to the general public after groups announced plans for a protest against budget cuts and other policies of Gov. Luis Fortuño.

Television footage showed protesters throwing eggs and barricades at police who were lined up shoulder-to-shoulder at the top of the Capitol steps. Officers struck some people with batons as they charged the entrance.

Police chief José Figueroa Sancha said protesters also vandalized several cars outside the legislature.

For more see this video from Puerto Rican television, sent by a kind reader:

5 thoughts on “Police, protesters clash at Puerto Rico’s Capitol

  1. I’m sorry but I feel like this brief report allegedly filed by the Associated Press on June 29th’s incidents in Puerto Rico is very one-sided when stating “Television footage showed protesters throwing eggs and barricades at police…Officers struck some people with batons as they charged the entrance”.

    Unfortunately, protesters may have thrown eggs at police… but it was when officers struck people – not some, but many- with batons and lachrymose grenades while they were protesting for the government’s unwillingness to permit freedom of press, among other issues regarding the University of Puerto Rico.

    I invite you to watch the videos for yourself and follow how Puerto Rico’s democracy is collapsing thanks to an abusive government, with which not only students, but even the press and party fanatics are outraged by.

    1. Thanks. I have incorporated the video into the post itself. Thanks for sending it.

  2. When one is to write an article it is an obligation to investigate the truth. You have writen what the goverment of P.R wants to be said, a complete lie. It is a constitutional right to have public access in the capitol building. Did you see when several people where inside the building sitting on the floor with their backs to the police. The police began pepper spraying without reason and beat a man and women who were rolling on the floor in agony. It is an insult to have the constitution ignored and then blame protesters. I am ashamed to live in an island where there is no justice. Do you know how out of control it is here thanks to some senators who are being paid to much to talk on the phone instead of doing their job. In P.R if you are a politician you are GOD, the people have no saying.

  3. The report from the Associated Press on June 29th’s is not one side is just the REAL situation in Puerto Rico both the people and the government have to take responsability of their actions. The only you heard from everyone is blaming each other no constructive dialogue being plan. It’s getting to old nobody have control PR is in need of a LEADER that no have party affiliations and is looking for a reorganization of the country of this just will be the begining of more confrontations.

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