Nathaly Coualy: One Woman Show

Ever since I read about Nathaly Coualy’s shows, have always been curious about this French Guadeloupean comedian and hope to someday see one of her stand-up acts. The first show I heard about was entitled “Ses Origines? 40% Guadeloupe, 5% Corse, 35% Inde, 20% Hexagone; Elle ne sait plus où elle habite!” [Her origins? 40% Guadeloupe, 5% Corsica, 35% India, 20% France; she no longer knows where she is living]. 

Her comedy has been described as “métisse [best translated in this context as multiracial], spicy, funny, and totally free of complexes.” Advertisements for “Ses Origines?” announced: Nathaly Coualy tells her story through a woman from here and from elsewhere, single. She lets us discover her own world and knows how to make us to laugh about what could make us cry. Prepare yourselves: her tongue ‘is not in her pocket,’ she spares no one, not even herself. And what [daring] nerve! A program full of laughter, tenderness, and mild madness. Result: A sharp humor mixed with elegance and emotion.” She writes her own comedic scripts in collaboration with Pascal Légitimus. In “Ses Origines?” she was directed by Juliette Moltes.

Coualy’s upcoming performance, “Nathaly Coualy: Elle ne fait pas sans blanc (One Woman Show),” also written with the collaboration of Légitimus and directed by Fernando de Azevedo, focuses on being single, “the search for a soul mate, sex, interracial dating, the family, and ‘plain old’ racism, with a spicy and undeniable presence.” And yes, she is often described as “spicy.” However, she is more often admired for her blend of natural humor, her rare elegance, and her mordant wit. She is called a one-woman “game of checkers” that fills us with excitement and make people double over in laughter. “Elle ne fait pas sans blanc” will be on stage on July 1-4, 2010, at the Les Feux de la Rampe Theater (Petite Salle). This small theater is located at 2, Saulnier Street in Paris, France.


For more on her performances, see,,, and

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