10 of the best cigars

Dean Tsouvalas and Nicholas Paolini, writing for Exec Digital make a list of the top ten cigars “for that celebratory smoke.” Most of them, as you will see, are produced in the Caribbean It will surprise, however, that the first two spots are occupied by Honduran cigars, and not Cuban, as one would have expected. We’re reproducing only the list with their comments. For their complete report you can follow the link below.

1. Gurkha Archive Origin: Honduras Individual Price: £6 approx. This is Gurkha’s 20th Anniversary cigar and only 1000 boxes have been made for the world. This labour of love cigar has been in the works for two years, featuring a gorgeous silky Connecticut Maduro wrapper with a superbly-aged Cameroon binder and outstanding tasty Nicaraguan filler. Kaizad Hansotia, the Master of packaging, has done it again with this 92 count rustic wood box featuring fabulous engraving that has made the Gurkha 20th Anniversary a must-have. www.cigarwerks.com/gurkha

2. Gurkha His Majesty Reserve Origin: Honduras Individual Price: £450 approx. The combined cost of every other cigar on this list doesn’t touch His Majesty Reserve. There is some justification for the world’s most expensive cigar – each box of 20 is uniquely infused with one of the world’s finest cognacs, originally sold only to dignitaries all over the world, but now available to all. The amazing aroma as well as the taste of the cigar promises to be unforgettable. www.cigarwerks.com/gurkha

3. Camacho Liberty Origin: Cuba Individual Price: £10 approx. Only 40,000 Camacho Liberty 2009 cigars were made and are currently available on a Cigarsfirst come, first served basis. This latest edition was blended by Christian Eiroa in an attempt to outclass the 2005 Liberty, touted as the best Camacho Liberty to date. This particular issue is being offered with much anticipation as they were made in October 2007 using their one and only crop of Habano, a seed that has not been grown since and only yielded enough for a small amount of cigars. The blend is rich and complex and the body is medium to full. With this kind of flavour, strength is secondary.

4. Padrón Serie 1926 80 years Maduro Origin: Nicaragua Individual Price: £20 approx. This incredible cigar commemorates the birth year of the company’s founder; Jose Orlando Padron. The company uncovered some of its oldest barrels of tobacco leaves for this special stick.

5. Casa Magna Colorado Robusto Origin: Nicaragua Individual Price: £3 approx. As far as high quality cigars go, there hasn’t been any cigar in recent years that touches the Colorado’s price tag. This cigar has been found at the top of numerous prestigious annual cigar lists, and when you combine the cost, there is no competition.

6. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel Origin: Dominican Republic Individual Price: £4.50 approx. Warning: only indulge after a very heavy meal. This is considered by many to be the strongest cigar made in the Dominican. Full-flavoured and full-bodied, this is no beginner’s stick.

7. Cohiba Exquisitos Origin: Cuba Individual Price: £8 approx. Cohiba makes many cigars that could have made this list, but the Exquisito happens to be Emilia Tamayo’s personal favourite. She is the first female to manage a cigar factory in Cuba, and smokes two of these thin sticks a day.

8. MonteCristo Conneticut Corona Origin: Dominican Republic Individual Price: £6 approx. The Corona is Exec Digital’s recommendation for anyone just beginning to smoke cigars. Montecristo is a renowned premium cigar brand, but the Corona is very mild. Beginners will love the rich flavour and the reasonable price.

9. CAO America Origin: United States (sort of) Individual Price: £4 approx. This cigar comes in a red, white and blue wrapper and actually uses some American grown tobacco as filler. Basically the only quality cigar you can find that does that, so if you are American and looking for a good patriotic smoke, this is your only choice.

10. Mr. B Lonsdale Maduro Origin: Nicaragua Individual Price: £0.50 approx. This is the best cigar for anyone tightening their belt during the recession. The rustic looking Longsdale is an incredible value for an everyday smoke. Great for someone that is starting out cigar smoking on a budget.

For the full report go to http://www.execdigital.com/10-of-the-best-cigars_40383

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