La Guajira celebrates festival of vallenato

The northern Colombian department of La Guajira will celebrate its Cuna De Acordeones (Cradle of Accordions) music festival this coming month. Held on the first weekend of July, the festival will celebrate the very best in vallenato music – a traditional Colombian genre that originates from the Caribbean coast. The event will include performances by some of the country’s most famous vallenato musicians, such as Diomedes Díaz, Felipe Peláez, Omar Geles, Binomio de Oro, Martín Elías, Luís Silva, Poncho Zuleta- Gonzalo “el cocha” Molina, Beto zabaleta – Beto Villa, Jorge Celedòn – Jimmy Zambrano and others.

The Cradle of Accordions festival was declared a Cultural and Artistic Heritage of the Nation in 2006 and aims to ensure the preservation, conservation, promotion and dissemination of vallenato music.

The festival will take place in the La Guajira town of Villanueva between July 1 and July 4.

To find out more, click here.

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