New Book: Eudorado, Brazilian Discourse on French Guiana

The recently published €udorado: Le discours brésilien sur la Guyane française [Eudorado: Brazilian Discourse on French Guiana] is an exploration of forgotten images and representations of French Guiana.

The Ibid Rouge Publisher’s description states: “It is difficult to escape unscathed from reading this book. Beliefs collapse, embarrassment crops up, interrogations arise. In the Brazilian mirror, Guiana is reduced to a pawn on a strategic and geopolitical chess board [. . .]. But that is perhaps necessary catharsis that can help it out of its enclosed state, the price of leaving behind demagogic illusions, naïve optimism, or navel gazing. There is no other realistic alternative other than opening up to Brazil and the rest of Amazonian America. Yet to do so, one must be informed and ready for the shock.”

Gérard Police holds a doctorate in Brazilian civilization. He is a lecturer at the University of the West Indies and Guyana, where for over thirty years he has taught and conducted research in Lusophone culture in French Guiana.  He has worked extensively on afro-Brazilian issues. He is also the author of La fête noire au Brésil, Amaz’hommes: Sciences de l’homme et sciences de la nature en Amazonie, and Quilombos dos Palmares: Lectures sur un marronnage brésilien.

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