Around the Corner: International Maroons Conference in Jamaica

Tomorrow, June 21, 2010, the Charles Town Maroon Community is hosting the 2nd International Maroons Conference: “Meet Me in the Circle.” The conference will continue through June 23 in Charles Town (Portland, Jamaica).

According to organizers, the conference “strives to increase awareness of Maroon contributions to contemporary societies, bringing together Maroons with scholars interested in Maroon heritage and indigenous cultures” and “to develop strategies for sustainable development and wealth creation in Maroon communities.” Under the theme, ‘Meet me in the Circle,’ the conference seeks to establish a Maroon connection beyond Jamaica, reaching out to communities in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa.

The event culminates on Wednesday with activities to commemorate the annual Quao’s Victory Day. There will be messages from specially invited guests and presentations from the Moore Town, Accompong Town, Scotts Hall, and Charles Town Maroons, who will perform Dance Afana—the machete dance.

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Shown here, Leonard Parkinson, a well known maroon captain in Jamaica during the Second Maroon War of 1795, following the First Maroon War of 1728, from

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