Talks in Dajabón Focus on New Bridge to Haiti

The charitable organization Border Solidarity hosted a gathering of official agencies, and civil society groups of Dajabón and Wanament, Haiti, where they discussed the new bridge, whose inaugural is scheduled for July 3, according to the authorities. The Dajabón Defense and Civil Society Development Committee was one of the local, civilian, and military entities to discuss a series of measures in relation to the new bridge, which will link the new facilities of the Cross-Border Market [Mercado Binacional]. Discussions have been going on since May.

The meeting also served to get Government and local representatives to discuss the problems which have been created in the cross-border market and the failure to conclude some of the new works for the project being built along the banks of the Massacre River. In May, a committee representative explained, “We feel that this meeting is pertinent given the urgent needs of both border populations to find solutions to the problem of the transit of people and merchandise from Dajabón to Wanament, and vice versa, to reduce the processes and expedite trade and cultural interchanges.”

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