Photography Exhibition: David Damoison

The Afro-Europe blog reports that Martinican photographer David Damoison presently has a photography exhibition that opened on June 5 and will be on view until July 31, 2010, at the Anne de Villepois Gallery in Paris. This exhibition is the third and final show of the 3X3 series which offers the public a chance to discover three Caribbean artists— Bruno Pédurand, Ernest Bréleur, and David Damoison—selected by Florent Plasse of the Clément Foundation [Fondation Clément] and Simon Njami. The gallery is located at 43 Montmorency Street, Paris (75003), France.

Image of Damoison’s work from; photo of Damoison (left) and Simon Njami (right) from×3-le-vernissage-de-david-damoison-51769375.html

For articles, see×3-le-vernissage-de-david-damoison-51769375.html and

For more information on Damoison, see

See the Anne de Villepois Gallery at

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