The Lucian Carnival

Saint Lucia’s Carnival is receiving additional overseas exposure through a French-based media outlet. Last week, the island was host to a broadcast crew from Martinique’s national radio and television station, RFO (Radio-Télévision Française d’Outre-Mer). Facilitated by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, the RFO team started documenting the 2010 carnival season which officially got underway on Sunday, June 6 at Samaans Park in Castries, St. Lucia.

RFO’s Director of Caribbean Affairs Max Maurice-Madelon, who led the team, says that although RFO has covered Saint Lucia Jazz and Carnival celebrations for close to a decade, this year marks the first time the coverage is being provided from the start of the festival. The team will return to Saint Lucia during the peak of carnival celebrations from July 16 to 21 to document the Carnival Queen show and the two-day Parade of the Bands. They will produce an hour-long documentary on the street parade together with two half-hour shows.

With carnival-related activities starting as early as May 20 and ending on July 30, the St. Lucia carnival includes events such as an art exhibition, several contests (for example, soca and calypso semifinals and finals, Panorama steel band contest, and King and Queen of the Bands), pageants (including the Carnival Queen show), various jams and concerts (for example, and Muzik an Nou), the junior carnival, Mas on the Square, J’Ouvert, and the grand Parade of the Bands.

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