Artist, marine biologist Guy Harvey visits U of Alabama

Internationally renowned Jamaican artist, designer, scientist and conservationist Guy Harvey was in Tuscaloosa Saturday unveiling a new line of apparel he has designed for the University of Alabama. Harvey, who was born in Germany in 1955 while his father was serving as a gunnery officer in the British Army, was raised in Jamaica (where his extended family has lived since the 17th century), and educated in Great Britain. He also has a doctorate in fish management from the Barbados campus of the University of the West Indies and now makes his home in the Grand Cayman Islands. Harvey is best known for his marine landscapes, which include a series of 44 original pen and ink drawings based on Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.

He is the founder of the Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova Southeastern University in Boward County, Fla., and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, which have taken on leading roles in providing the scientific information necessary to understand and protect the world’s fish resources and biodiversity from continued decline.

While in Tuscaloosa, he spoke about the oil still gushing from the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico, where a BP well ruptured more than a month ago. “It is an indescribable ecological disaster,” he said. “In the context of all the natural disasters we have to deal with on an annual basis, like earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, this one is different because it is man-made. Apart from our incompetence, this spill just points to our greater need to find alternative sources of energy. We just can’t continue this way and preserve the planet.”

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