On-line Resources: History of the Slave Trade in St. Barths

Although recognized by respected institutions, consulted by researchers of all nationalities as well as African, American, and European universities, the works of the Comité de Liaison et d’Application des Sources Historiques, dedicated to the history of Saint-Barthélemy (St. Barths) “have not reached their target.” According to the Mémoire St. Barths blog, it is inconceivable that young people have no knowledge of the history of the island where they live and study because it is not taught in schools. It is also shocking, they say, that even certain journalists still relay misinformation on subjects related to the slave trade in St. Barths (Saint-Barth : quand la presse en parle).

Spurred by this observation, an outreach operation has been launched whereby the website of the historical resources committee mentioned above—formerly www.c-l-a-s-h.info, which is dedicated to the history of St. Barths, and in particular to the slave trade, slavery, and abolition—will be revamped. The site has been given a new domain name, a different visual composition, and improved readability of contents to offer a better understanding of “the clearly unsung chapters of history of the island of Saint-Barthélemy” to a wider audience. See Mémoir St. Barth—une île, des histoires [Memory St. Barth—One Island, Multiple Histories] at www.MemoireStBarth.com.

See article at http://logbook.memoirestbarth.com/transat-ag2r/memoirestbarth-inscrit-dans-la-transat-ag2r/ and the new, improved website at http://www.memoirestbarth.com/

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