New Book: Pelican Heart, a Bilingual Anthology of Poems by Lasana M. Sekou

Cuban scholar Emilio Jorge Rodríguez has just published an anthology of the poetry of Lasana M. Sekou, writer/poet from St. Martin. Rodríguez aims to introduce Sekou the Hispanic world with the bilingual volume Corazón de Pelícano: Antología poética de Lasana M. Sekou /Pelican Heart: An Anthology of Poems by Lasana M. Sekou (House of Nehesi, 2010). The book presentation took place on May 27, 2010, at the Caribbean Studies Association Conference in Barbados.

Emilio Jorge Rodriguez (Havana, Cuba) directed the Center for Caribbean Studies and was the editor of Anales del Caribe for many years. He has been devoted to the study of the different literary manifestations of the region. Among his many publications are his collections of essays on Caribbean literature Literatura caribeña: bojeo y cuaderno de bitácora and Acriollamiento y discurso escrit/oral caribeño, in which he highlights the intersections between literature and cultural space.

Lasana M. Sekou (St. Martin) is the author of many books of poetry, monologues, and short stories. His poems have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and Chinese. Some of his works are Nativity & Dramatic Monologues for Today (1988), Quimbé – The Poetics of Sound (1991), Brotherhood of the Spurs (1997), Big Up St. Martin – Essay & Poem (1999), The Salt Reaper: Poems from the Flats (2004, 2005), and 37 Poems (2005).

The photo (Saltwater Collection) included here, shows Lasana M. Sekou (left) and Emilio Jorge Rodríguez (right) with the renowned Caribbean novelist and essayist George Lamming.

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