Monsanto and Genetic Servitude in Haiti

Today, tens of thousands of Haitian farmers and earthquake-displaced peasants will gather on the occasion of International Environment Day to preserve the agricultural lifeblood of the nation. The Haitian ecology and economy are threatened by the USAID’s current imposition of Monsanto’s “suicide seeds,” which protesters say they will burn this weekend [also see previous post Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds].

Last night, June 3, 2010 WBAI presented a special program with Robert Knight featuring the film The World According to Monsanto, the book Seeds of Deception, and a first glimpse at his new documentary Monsanto and Genetic Servitude in Haiti, a sequel to WBAI’s highly-successful historical documentary, The Sweet Science of Racism in Haiti.

For more on this and other WBAI programs, see

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