Buju Banton’s drug trial pushed back to September

Jamaica reggae star Buju Banton’s drug trial in Florida has been delayed again, the Associated Press reports.

The Jamaican singer is accused of being involved in a conspiracy to traffic more than five kilograms of cocaine. He had originally been scheduled to stand trial in Tampa on April 19. Days before trial was set to begin, U.S. District Judge James Moody rescheduled it for June 21. On Friday, Moody moved the case to the September trial calendar. A trial date will be set at a hearing in August.

Banton’s attorney filed an objection, saying the change violates the federal Speedy Trial Act. That generally requires trial to begin within 70 days after a defendant is charged or makes a first court appearance.

Banton, born Mark Myrie, has been in federal custody since December.

One thought on “Buju Banton’s drug trial pushed back to September

  1. the people who made crack try to frame a rasta, won’t let it go to trial because they might not be able to frame him that far, innocent man in jail for 7 months before he faces trial? Guatanamo on American soil.

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