Quito Nicolaas at the St. Martin Book Fair

Aruban writer/poet based in the Netherlands, Quito Nicolaas, will lecture on how to identify Aruban literature today at the St. Martin Book Fair, to be held June 3-5, 2010. Nicolaas will explore Aruban literature in a socio-historical context specifically focusing on national and cultural characterization in works by Ernesto Rosenstand, Frank Williams, and Jossy Tromp. Work by Aruban writers living in the Netherlands writing in Dutch and Papiamento will be included. Nicolas will recite some of his poems in the cultural program. He will also go to several primary schools on the island to speak about his work, his writing experiences, and the importance of reading and literature.

Quito Nicolaas often lectures on Aruban literature in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. He has published—short stories, essays, and reviews—extensively in Dutch and Aruban magazines and newspapers. He is author of collections of poems such as Destino [Fate], Gerede twijfels [Reasonable Doubt], Atardi di Antaño [Afternoon’s Gone By], and Alameda. Nicolaas writes in Papiamento, Dutch, English, and Spanish. A fervent advocate of Papiamento, he wrote his first novel, Tera di silencio [Land of Silence, 2004] in this language. He is currently at work on a novel.   

For full article, see http://caribemagazine.nl/bloggen/nieuws/arubaanse-schrijver-naar-literair-festival.html

For more information on Q. Nicolas and the St. Martin Book Fair, see http://quitonicolaas.web-log.nl/

One thought on “Quito Nicolaas at the St. Martin Book Fair

  1. I would like to get acquainted with Mr. Nicolas as I am a lawyer/poet born on Curacoa and also living in the Netherlands. My last little poetry publication CONFLICT IN REFLECTIE is a poetry bestseller in the Netherlands. I would like to be more involved with the Caribbean again. Check me out on http://www.scribd.com/disebia

    Kind regards

    Dwight P. Isebia

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