OAS and CTO Improve Competitiveness of Caribbean Tourism Sector

The Organization of American States (OAS), through its Office of Tourism, has partnered with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) to improve the competitiveness of the Caribbean tourism sector and contribute to improved decision-making through the development of a standardized system of data collection and analysis on tourism statistics.
The joint project, “Improving Competitiveness through Data Gathering System to Inform Strategic Decision Making by Caribbean Member States,” which began in 2008, will help the region’s business development ability and its growth and resilience in the future. The program’s activities have focused on streamlining systems of data collection and analysis; closer communication and collaboration with the various Offices of Tourism and Statistics throughout the region; and establishing procedure for more standardized reporting.
“Information and data-gathering are central to supporting an evidence based approach to decision making in the Tourism Sector,” said Richard Campbell, Chief of the OAS Office of Tourism. “Our strategic relationship with the CTO through initiatives such as this project allows the OAS to contribute to regional efforts, to strengthen the competitiveness of the Caribbean’s most important economic sector.”
The new approach will also facilitate the tourism planning process as it relates to, among other things, the environment, the development of infrastructure in support of tourism, and integration of tourism into the school curriculum.
This initiative was sponsored by the Government of Dominica and is being implemented by the OAS Office of Tourism in the Department of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism (DEDTT). Funding is provided by the OAS through its Special Multilateral Fund of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (FEMCIDI), a grant fund that seeks to reduce poverty and inequality through the financing of technical cooperation projects in the Americas.

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