CARICOM at World Expo in Shanghai, China

The CARICOM Pavilion at the World Expo, which opened to the public in Shanghai recently and runs through the end of October 2010, has been gathering positive attention. 14 Caribbean Countries have come together in a joint pavilion under the leadership of CARICOM. The Government of China boasts that over 70 million visitors will converge on the 3.28 sq Km park which was specially constructed for the event. The Grenada Nutmeg Booth, one of the earliest of the booths to be set up, has drawn thousands of visitors attracted to the unique design and desirous in getting to know more about “Grenada and its Nutmeg.” Depicting Grenada’s black gold, the Nutmeg concept of the booth was designed by Atlantic Partnerships and was the brainchild of the local organization committee headed by the Ministry of Trade which included significant input from the Grenada Industrial Development Cooperation (GIDC), The Ministry and The Grenada Board of Tourism, The Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Grenada in China.
EXPO 2010 is being held under the theme `Better City; Better Life’ which represents the common sentiment of mankind for a safer, better living in urban environments. According to the organizers, the theme is one of the central concerns of the international community for policy-making, urban strategies and sustainable development. The Exposition is the first World Expo with a `city’ theme. CARICOM Secretary-General Edwin Carrington is the Commissioner General of the Community for the Exposition. Through exhibits and multimedia presentations, CARICOM will take advantage of the Exposition to showcase its cultural heritage, natural landscape and resources, clean energy development, urban development, tourism products, culinary arts, craft, among other areas. The highpoint of the Community’s involvement at the Exposition is expected to be the celebration of National Pavilion Day on 17 July. The National Honour Day programme consists of an official ceremony and other events such as a grand cultural performance and a reception. Artists, culinary delights, fashion and music will be promoted and showcased on that day.

If you want to see the designs for all the Caribbean nation’s pavilions, go to

 Image: Design for Grenada Pavilion.

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