Conservation-minded Lionfish Tournament

Divers from the U.S. and the Bahamas will unite to battle the Lionfish invasion of the reefs in Abaco, Bahamas on June 16. While beautiful to behold, voracious lionfish are devastating the Bahamian reefs. With their population explosion and aggressive behavior, lionfish could create the most disastrous marine invasion in history by drastically reducing the abundance of coral reef fishes and leaving behind a devastated ecosystem. To combat this threat, the Treasure Cay Billfish Tournament (TCBT) has added a conservation-minded lionfish spearfish tournament to its agenda and invites the public to participate.

The lionfish tournament is billed as a proactive response to environmental issues caused by the overpopulated status of this voracious species. Ravage the Savage invites the community to join the battle against the rapid invasion of Indo-Pacific lionfish into the waters of the Caribbean and tropical Atlantic by removing as many as possible. Lionfish are primarily caught by spearfishing with a Hawaiian sling. Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina will offer an additional bounty on lionfish, to benefit the Treasure Cay Primary School. Other details will be announced on

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