Cuban Representative Says Integration and Socialism Can End World Crisis

Speaking before the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) in Venezuela last week, Cuban representative Osvaldo Martínez said that the solution to the current world economic crisis “walks the paths of integration and socialism,” underlining that that the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas (ALBA) is right the mechanism to attain integration in Latin America and the Caribbean and to put an end to the region’s dependence on the United States.

Martínez stressed that the current world crisis is not only economic but rather a crisis affecting many areas including the social and ecological sectors. He pointed out that the main cause for the crisis is the capitalist system itself, noting that the world financial crisis is now moving its epicenter from the United States to weaker economies in Europe such as those of Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Martínez said that the peoples of the world are the ones that suffer the consequences of the flaws of capitalism because governments always socialize the losses and privatize the profits.

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