The Caribbean Review of Books is Back!

The Caribbean Review of Books is back! According to CRB editor Nicholas Laughlin, their new website, launched in time for its sixth anniversary, “marks a shift in medium, but not in purpose, direction, or ambition.” Although it is no longer feasible to continue publishing a print edition of the CRB, Laughlin welcomes the flexibility and additional dimensions afforded by producing the journal online. He adds that CRB will continue to play “a necessary role in instigating a wider conversation about literature and art and their relations with Caribbean society — which is also a debate about how to understand the Caribbean’s past, define its present, and imagine its future.”

From May 2004 to May 2009, the CRB published twenty-one quarterly print issues, featuring reviews of books of Caribbean interest, interviews with writers, original fiction and poems, essays on Caribbean art and culture, and artists’ portfolios. Along with the critical writing for which the review is best known, the journal will continue to publish pieces in creative writing, writers’ interviews, reflections, and memoirs, as well as occasional essays on Caribbean culture and current affairs. Laughlin also announces that the new online CRB will pay closer attention to the Caribbean’s visual imagination, through portfolios of work by contemporary artists and exhibition reviews and “cast an eye on developments in music and film.”

The new online archive includes the full contents of the last three print issues and selections from older editions. Laughlin explains, “The move from pages to pixels brings some changes to our publication schedule. Instead of appearing quarterly, the CRB will now publish six bimonthly issues per year, dated January, March, May, July, September, and November. The contents of each issue will be published gradually over each issue’s two-month duration, with new reviews and other pieces appearing every Monday.”

For the online CRB, see

Image: Untitled drawing by Christopher Cozier (2002), courtesy the artist, reproduced on the cover of the August 2004 CRB, as featured on the CRB home page.

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