Indian Film to Shoot in Bermuda

A Bollywood production by Tolly2Holly Films is scheduled to be filmed in Bermuda in September. Director Ramesh Varma, executive producer Ravi Mudunuri, and assistant director Murali Krishna have already scouted locations in Bermuda, such as Crystal Caves and the south shore beaches, for the film’s lavish musical sequences appearing in their film. Veera could be the first of many Indian films to be shot in Bermuda. Ven Subramanian, who led the Indian Delegation to Bermuda and who coordinated the Premier’s recent visit to India, will be the liaison and coordinator for the filming. He says that the film crew liked Bermuda’s pink sand beaches and the many gradations of blue of the ocean there.

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown has said that he is “very pleased with these early results of working to extend Bermuda’s reach to important global markets. Our beauty and our well developed infrastructure have been discovered by an important, successful industry and Bermuda will reap the benefits of this exposure.”

Although Brown has been criticized by some who say that Indian filmmakers would not “want to trek halfway across the world to shoot” in Bermuda, Subramanian believes that the arrangement may provide a tourism boost from Indian film fans living in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He also says that it is likely that there will be opportunities for Bermudians to work on the project either as dancers or crew members.

Mauritius, Iceland, and the Bahamas are among a host of countries featured in previous shoots. Subramanian explains, “All these countries benefited immensely from tourism by Indians. There is a dedicated tour from India to Switzerland just to see the locations where the famous filmmaker Mr. Yash Chopra’s films were shot.” The September shoot appears to have vindicated the Premier’s position, although the impact on tourism and the costs involved in closing the deal are still unknown.

Shown here, lead actor Ravi Teja, a rising star in India; photo from

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