Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 2010

Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 2010 (FWTT3) is the third edition of this major fashion event. Opening their runways from May 22 to May 31, 2010, its activities this year will also take place in Tobago. Besides the fashion shows and participation of featured designers, events include a beauty expo, seminars, and various performances. After an opening gala on May 22, the FWTT3 runway then opens May 25-28, in Port of Spain, Trinidad, at Hyatt Regency. Then the fashion events will continue in Tobago on May 29-31 at Pigeon Point.

Dianne Hunt, Chairperson of the Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago Board, says, “We recognize the tremendous creative and technical fashion talent present in our nation and strive to provide opportunities for the fashion industry’s consistent development—both locally and regionally—ultimately becoming a global fashion force.”

This year, FWTT3 pays tribute to 2010 as the year of biodiversity, honoring proactive initiatives for the preservation of nature and for current and future human wellbeing. Therefore, the organizers have added sustainable development as one of their three major agendas (the other two being “staying power” and “style definition”).

The FWTT site (below) will soon post the complete program of events and designer biographies.

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 2010

  1. Can you email me the dates for 2011. I would like more information about vending my jewelry pieces.


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