Cuba ranked 9th cleanest country in the world, says EPI

One Caribbean island has been ranked the ninth cleanest country in the world – news that might be of interest to those who have booked a holiday to Havana. Cuba was pipped to the top spot in the 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) by Iceland as well as Costa Rica in third place and Austria in eighth. The list is compiled by comparing public health and ecosystem vitality as well as some 23 other criteria. Britain appeared in the 14th spot and the USA came 61st in the table of 163 destinations in which Sierra Leone was last.
The EPI also takes notes of average scores around the world and publishes details of population figures and economy rates. Cuba received top marks for its forestry endeavours and 97.4 per cent for air pollution – or lack of such affecting humans, it would seem. Responsible fishing could have contributed to the high marine figure of 94.3 per cent.

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