“Let the Women Sing”: The Christian music industry in the Caribbean

An article in Bahamasinfo.com offers a glimpse into the growing strength of the Christian music industry in the Caribbean.

This summer is gonna rock!  

And it’s not because the “Single Ladies” will finally get that ring, or someone will get the chance to “Blame it on the Alcohol” again, but it’s because Christians will have the right to party, praise and celebrate their Lord through the ingenuity of one of the Bahamas’ most hardworking, talented and award-winning music producers, Kelda “Timeless” Sweeting. She is about to make music history in The Bahamas with the launch of Let the Women Sing Reggae Worship Compilation. 

This project, which will feature over 15 dynamic female gospel artists from throughout the Bahamas’ archipelagic chain, will be the first of its kind in the country when it is launched this summer. For Timeless, it’s the fulfillment of a six-year-old vision she claims the Lord gave her in 2004 to help catapult Bahamian female gospel artists into their global calling in music ministry.  

In her vision, Let The Women Sing is more than just the blending of voices and talents to unleash what she has predestined to be “timeless” music. 

“Let the Women Sing is a movement,” said Timeless, “one established to expose Bahamian female gospel artists to the wider Bahamian community, the Caribbean and the world at large.  Through this movement, Bahamian female gospel singers will find a ‘hub’ where their voices can be recorded to beautiful music of varying genres, cds launched and ministries started!”

She said that nothing gives her greater satisfaction than seeing others come into their God-ordained purpose. “I’m so excited to finally add meat to the vision God gave me six years ago. Compilations are a great way to expose many artists at one time to the general public and this is just phase one of ‘the big picture’,” Timeless continued. “All the women for this inaugural project came on board without hesitation, and for that I’m extremely grateful. I look forward to presenting the public with an awesome piece of work to add to their Caribbean gospel music collections.”

The artists hail from a melting pot of musical genres – from rap, R&B, jazz, reggae, contemporary, Caribbean and traditional gospel. Some of them have seasoned careers in the gospel music industry locally and others are finally launching out into the deep by taking this leap of faith. 

They include Marlin and  Cacique Award winner and gospel artist Vanessa Rolle-Clarke; former Marlin award nominee and gospel artist Simone Bowe; 2008 Cacique Award nominee and gospel artist Shauna Joseph; reggae gospel artist and Marlin Award winner Lisa “Bonafide” Davis; Marlin Award winner and gospel artists Faith & Heather McDonald; Marlin Award winners Dedrie Hanna and Shelique Johnson of Harmonious Praise fame; reggae gospel artist Shan ‘Lyta’ Eliot; newcomers Apryal Forbes, Shavon Joseph and Monet Bethell; gospel artist and founder of Eleuthera’s Got Talent Jaynell Ingraham; gospel artist Vandera Woods and Let The Women Sing founder & president and gospel artist Kelda ‘Timeless’ Sweeting. 

And the work has already begun! On Wednesday, Jan. 20th, the women came together for a time of “meet & greet” and to hear the rough cuts of their songs for the first time.  

“All of the songs are songs we all know…some more popular than others, but all are worship songs that have already been released to the public. We’re now going to take those songs and add some reggae flavor to it, mix in some sweet, soothing back ground vocals and LET THE WOMEN SING!,” Timeless exhorted.  
The compilation will be released this summer and will be available on all of your favorite websites like CD BABY as well as in stores locally.  As the project and movement progresses, Timeless said she looks forward to expanding the distribution borders to the wider Caribbean first, after which the rest of the world will get an unadulterated taste of the musical gifting of Bahamian female gospel artists. 

For more go to http://www.bahamaislandsinfo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5597:let-the-women-sing-bahamian-female-gospel-artists-to-be-featured-in-historic-musical-venture-&catid=51:Music&Itemid=180

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