Grammy Award African artist performs at Arawak House in Dominica

A 2010 Grammy Award African singer graced a local stage on Thursday night at the Arawak House of Culture. Dobet Gnahore, a Grammy Award winner for Best Urban/Alternative Performance, told Dominica News Online that it was big news when she learned she had won and was happy to have made her country proud.

She performed several tracks from her third album in different African and Caribbean languages. The show was dubbed “When Africa Meets Dominica” and was organized by Alliance Française de la Dominique in collaboration with the Cultural Division as part of DOMFESTA 2010 celebrations. Director of the Alliance Française Pascal Tomasini described the  local show as “one unique concert. She’s also playing percussions. She’s a complete woman. She is really an amazing and tremendous, talented singer … It’s an international level concert. So I am very proud of Alliance Française and Cultural Division to have her here,” Tomasini told a DNO reporter.

Dnahore had performed at the St Lucia Jazz Festival the weekend before.

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