Monsanto donates seeds for Haiti Economic Growth

Monsanto, the St. Louis area corporation, hopes it’s planting the seeds of recovery for quake-stricken Haiti, as it is donating $4 million worth of corn and vegetable seeds to Haitian farmers. 

Director of Global Development Initiatives, Elizabeth Vancil, travelled there last week. 

She tells KMOX that in Haiti’s devastated economy many farmers might not have found enough seed to support their families and communities, “they have significant challenges ahead of them.  Most of the farm sizes are very small.  The typical farmer farms on about a sixth of an acre.”

Along with corn, Vancil says Haiti’s tropical climate allows farmers to grow cabbage, carrots, eggplants, melons, onions, tomatoes and spinach.  She says the donation will hopefully help communities become more self-sufficient and speed up the country’s recovery. “When I met with the Ministry of Agriculture and realized that they are still meeting under mango trees outside of their building rather than in the building itself because the building isn’t safe, I realized how lucky we are here and how much this donation will truly make an enormous difference for the Haitian farmer.”

Monsanto expects to supply 10-thousand farmers in Haiti this growing season. 

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