Spaniards in Puerto Rico

The Spanish television series “Españoles en el mundo” [Spaniards in the World] recently featured Spaniards living in Puerto Rico. The show interviews Spanish nationals who have chosen to settle on the island for various reasons and have fallen in love with life in the tropics. The program focuses on eleven Spaniards who help the audience learn about Puerto Rico’s music, arts, sports, landscapes (beaches, mountains, and the rainforest), cities, nightlife, culture, and its people.

The highlighted people include Antonio Santaella, a prestigious flamenco choreographer; Ana Rodríguez, a marble importer from Valencia; the del Río family, a family of doctors raised in Puerto Rico; Fatima and María del Mar, twin sisters from Seville, who work in advertising; Rafael Sánchez, an actor from Madrid; and Catalan architect Mercé Martínez.

[Many thanks to Angeles Placer for bringing this item to our attention.]

For the full video, see

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