Taiwan-Dominican Republic Alliance to Plant Bamboo

Plan Quisqueya Verde [Green Quisqueya] and Taiwan’s Technical Mission in the country recently signed an agreement to develop the production, usage, promotion, and marketing of bamboo, in a strategic alliance to draft a nationwide plan for the Dominican Republic.

Environment minister Jaime David Fernández Mirabal, Quisqueya Verde director Jose Enrique Báez, and Taiwan Industrial Services mission leader Richard Li signed the agreement, which stipulates that the former provides the lands to plant and produce bamboo’s various varieties, and the latter contributes the personnel required for its care and correct management. Both parts will train the independent groups to produce the plant and support associations of bamboo furniture makers.

Plan Quisqueya Verde is part of Dominican Republic’s Environment Ministry. It has headed sustained reforestation efforts across the country. Last October, the organization employed close to 12,000 government and private workers as permanent brigades to plant trees in areas such as Loma Juan Bosch, Cotuí, Villa Altagracia, Los Arroyos, Gonzalo, Bayaguana, and Loma Managua, to benefit the basins of the Nizao, Ozama, Jima, Comate, Nigua, Camú, Maimón, Haina, Yuna, North Yaque, and Jura rivers. Their goal was to plant 20 million trees in 2009; 12 million had been planted by October, according to Báez.

Hopefully, the Environment Ministry has conducted studies on the effects of the fast-growing bamboo in the Dominican Republic to ascertain whether there will be any possible unfavorable changes to the present ecosystems.

For full article, see http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/economy/2010/5/11/35664/Taiwan-Dominican-Republic-forge-bamboo-alliance

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