María Rodríguezes of Costa Rica

Over 6,300 women in Costa Rica have María Rodriguez as their names, prompting a documentary that follows the daily lives of five women named María Rodriguez, and even held a meeting asking all women of that name to gather in the Costa Rican capital city this coming weekend. The film, titled Maria Rodríguez, will be released in 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries and intends “to portray the Costa Rican woman and society through the lives of five very different women,” Alonso Arias, one of the directors, said. Despite having the same name, the five Marías in the documentary ‘are very different’ in terms of age, socio-economic status, ambitions and their geographic location, Arias said.
The producers invited women named María Rodriguez to a party in San José as a ‘tribute to the Costa Rican woman’ and to shoot a number of scenes for the documentary. All the Maria Rodríguezes who attended the party got to know one another and enjoyed the party with lots of food, music and dancing, he said.
The film, written and directed by Gustavo Loria and Arias, is an initiative of the governments of Ibero-American nations, the countries that were formerly Spanish or Portuguese colonies.

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