Jamaica Kincaid and her expensive turquoise shoes

As world renowned authors, including Paul Auster, Russell Banks, Jonathan Safran Foer, Yu Hua, Daniel Kehlman,Jamaica Kincaid, Nicole Krauss & Daniel Mendelsohn gathered for the Second International Writers Conference in Jerusalem yesterday, the focus seems to have been on Jamaica Kincaid’s new and apparently expensive (albeit to me rather ugly) turquoise shoes. The opening of the festival was celebrated yesterday just outside the walls of the Old City. The well-known American authors mingled with prize-winning writers including Ludmila Ulitskaya from Russia, Simon Sebag Montefiore from the U.K, Daniel Kehlmann from Austria and Paolo Girodano from Italy. The conference will feature discussions between the visiting writers and distinguished Israeli authors Amos Oz, David Grossman, Amir Gutfruend, Nir Baram, Aharon Appelfeld and Eli Amir.

The first panel focused on the digitalization of books, with writers like Austria’s Daniel Kehlmann wondering how writers would make a living in coming years. Jamaica Kincaid concurred, noting how much she loved her expensive new turquoise shoes…”When I started writing, I never knew I’d be able to make money from it, ” she told an opening night news conference. Now, apparently, she has enough money for these ugly things.

Gosh, give her some Manolos! Give her some Louboutins! Get these ugly things out of my sight!

For more from the original report, including additional photos of the shoes, go to http://www.demotix.com/news/319303/worlds-best-writers-convene-jerusalem-intl-writers-festival

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